How to shoot the Fairy Tales of Thailand

When it comes to capturing the fantastical and mythic worlds of fairy tales and folklore, one of the best ways to do so is with a smartphone.

These photos of Thai folk tales are often used in tourism brochures and promotional material.

This guide will show you how to capture the magic of these stories in the most creative way possible.


Make a Background to Your Photo If you’re planning on using a smartphone for this project, you might want to try making your background a little more unique.

Make sure your backgrounds are colorful, bright, and vivid.

You can also try using a photo editing app like Pixlr or iPhoto to add color and details to your photo.

For a more traditional take on the fairy tale, you can use a photo editor like Photoshop or Illustrator.


Pick a Background for the Fairy Tale This will depend on what type of background you want to create.

If you plan on shooting the scenes with your phone, make sure your background is clean and bright, or it will get too bright.

If your background includes colorful or colorful-themed text, try a simple background.


Choose the Colors You Want for Your Background If you want your background to be a little different, you should try to find a palette that you like.

Try a few different colors and make sure you choose one that’s complementary to the background.

For example, if you want a dark background with dark reds and whites, try the lightest green and yellow tones.


Choose a Background that’s Easily Decorated If you’ve chosen a background that’s easy to pick out, you’ll need to make sure that you pick a good color palette.

Make the background a bit brighter, and then add some details.

Try making a gradient of different colors on the background and making a simple gradient pattern on the top and bottom.


Add a Background Effects After you’ve made your background, you may want to add a little effect to it.

For some folk tales, it may be necessary to add some color or detail to the images.

For the most magical fairy tales that are based on mythological elements, you could use some magical effects to create some of the scenes.

For instance, a magic lantern might glow or light up as you take photos.

This kind of effect can make the story even more magical.


Make Your Photo Look Like a Disney Movie!

If you really want to bring the magic and wonder of the fairy tales to your shots, you’re going to need to capture some magical scenes that you can share with friends.

There are many ways you can do this, from using a special effect or magic lantern to creating your own special effects.


Make your Photo Look Animated!

For some stories, you want the magic to look more like a real movie.

For other fairy tales like the one above, you will want your photo to look like it’s animated.

The best way to create these magical moments is to make your photo look like a live-action film.


Create Your Photo Frame When you’re ready to shoot your photo, it’s a good idea to add the frames to your photos.

For many traditional fairy tales from Thailand, you’d make sure the frame is attached to the main image.

If it’s not, it could make it harder to capture those magical scenes.


Use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to Create Your Background Effects There are several different Photoshop effects you can create for your photo and background.

You may want a simple photo effect like a black-and-white filter to make the image look more colorful.

You could also create a gradient effect like adding a green gradient to the bottom of the image and adding a blue gradient to make it look more vibrant.

For more traditional fairy tale stories, the effects can include creating a white-and, for instance, adding a gradient to a dark-and then adding a black gradient to lighten the image.


Use Adobe Illustration to Add Your Favorite Background Effects to Your Photos If you have more traditional Thai fairy tales you want added to your picture, you’ve probably already seen these effects.

Here are a few of the most popular ones that you may have heard of: A dark- and white-based effect like the black- and blue-based effects that are popular in traditional Thai folk stories.


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