World’s longest river crossing, 3.2km, opens in Argentina

A river crossing in Argentina has opened.

Key points:The crossing is a milestone for the country’s tourist industry and has been the target of protests by environmentalistsThe crossing will cost US$300,000US$300m is being spent to construct the crossingThe crossing has been in operation since the early 1900s and is the longest in the worldThe bridge over the River Urmia in the city of Mar del Plata was completed in the summer and will link Argentina with neighbouring Paraguay, where it will be the third longest river in the country.

The bridge is being constructed by the Mar del Cielo Bridge Project.

The construction, which is being conducted by the Argentine Construction Authority, is the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

It has been a long time coming, said construction contractor Eduardo Peralta.

“We are very, very proud, but also proud of the project and the work that has been done by the Argentinian government,” he said.

“This project is something that is not only the future of Argentina, but the future for the whole of the Western hemisphere.”

Peralta said the bridge is not for everyone.

“I think that for the first time we are building something that’s for everyone,” he told ABC News.

“For the people that are not very happy with the project, it’s not really a good thing for them.”

The crossing at the town of Mar Del Plata is the countrys second longest river.

The first crossing, the Santa Fe River, was completed about 200 years ago and is considered one of the most important in the western hemisphere.

The crossing’s construction has been delayed by protests from environmentalists and local authorities who want it to be completed as soon as possible.

The first bridge was completed more than 20 years ago, and the construction has only just started.

The project is part of the Argentine governments efforts to address climate change, a topic that has sparked protests across the country and is now a subject of controversy with the United Nations.

“The bridge project will be a great bridge that will create jobs and provide an opportunity for people to go to the cities and visit their loved ones,” said President Mauricio Macri.

The President’s announcement comes just days after he said the country would be moving to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2035.


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