The europeans fairy tales are back!

By Peter Vlachos and Anna GagarinThe European Union (EU) is back with another fairy tale, this time in the form of a song called “The Fairies of the East”.

The European Commission, the European government agency responsible for overseeing the single currency, released the video on Tuesday.

It features a group of fairies singing and dancing to “The Fairytale of the Fairies” and its two “crowns”, the words of the song, “A fairy tale that makes you feel alive”.

It is a move that the Commission hopes will boost its credibility among Europeans who are skeptical of its ability to manage the euro.

It also coincides with a series of meetings held by the EU’s 27 member states to try and iron out some of the thorny issues that have hampered the project.

The video comes after the European Commission announced last month that it was taking over the rights to use the song and other songs from the region for the purposes of promotion of the single European currency.

The commission also said it was working on a new version of the fairy tale which it hopes to release this year.

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