Fairy tale dental videos – what to watch and how to watch them

You’re going to want to be on the lookout for some good quality fairy tale dental jokes.

The BBC has created a list of some of the funniest fairy tale videos on YouTube.

These include:The first clip on the list, from Disney’s Mulan, features a character named Mulan in a fairy tale dentist’s office.

It was a bit of a shock when we found out this clip was on YouTube – but it’s still hilarious. 

The next video, a clip from the BBC show Doctor Who, features Peter Capaldi in the dentist’s chair, as a patient’s toothbrush falls to the floor.

It’s not a funny clip, but it does feature some great dental jokes in the background.

The final clip on this list, is from the upcoming Doctor Who movie, Doctor Who: The Final Frontier.

The doctor’s assistant is a bit upset at a patient who has a bad toothache.

“You don’t have to take your medication,” the assistant says, “you can see how it affects you.”

And the doctor responds, “It is,” as the patient begins to cough and vomit.

The best of the bunch is from a parody of Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife”.

A man named Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is sitting in his dentist’s waiting room. 

“What’s your name?” the man asks.

“I’m Doctor Jekyl.”

“Oh, OK, Doctor Jecyll.”

“It’s good to know you,” the man replies, “You’ve been called Doctor Jellyl and Doctor Jeely.”

Dr Jekyll laughs and explains that the Doctor’s wife has been called “Doctor Jekye.”

Watching these clips is probably not going to be a big enough reason to watch all the Doctor Who videos.

But if you do, you might find yourself saying, “Oh, I’m just watching Doctor Jeezyl and not Doctor Jezyll.” 

The BBC has also created a video playlist of some more fairy tale humor.

It includes a lot of good ones, but you should probably start with the ones that are the most outrageous.

Dr Jellyll laughs at a young patient who wants to put on a necklace to represent his girlfriend.

“Why would you want to put that on?” the doctor asks, before the patient responds, with a grin.

“Because you’re not very pretty,” Dr Jellil laughs.

Watch it: Doctor Who – The Final Adventure If you are looking for a good time watching the Doctor and Mrs. Jellys laugh together, you’ll find it in Doctor Who Halloween.


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