How to read the ending of ‘Frozen’ to find out what happened in the film

The final act of Frozen is a very complicated and emotionally fraught one.

While it is the end of the story, the first scene of the film does not have a climax and does not end with the happy ending that the film’s creators hoped for.

Instead, the film goes on to tell the story of a woman named Anna who goes into a coma for months after her mother Anna is killed in a car accident.

It then opens with Elsa, the queen of Arendelle, who, despite her best efforts, is unable to get out of bed for months at a time.

Elsa has to rely on the help of her sister, Anna, to help her get through the darkness of the night, while she tries to figure out what has happened to her mother.

The final scene ends with the two of them hugging goodbye, but not before Anna tells Elsa that she’s afraid to die.

Elsa’s answer is that she believes in her heart that she will always love Anna.

But what happens after this, when Anna dies and Elsa wakes up to the world?

Elsa’s feelings are completely different than the first time she was brought to life, when she was a child and was told that she was destined to become the world’s most beautiful snowflake.

After all, the princesses who had come before her had given her gifts and made her into the person she is today.

But it was a gift from a different world than Elsa is now.

She is not a snowflake, she is a snow queen.

Elsa’s story is about how much more Elsa is than her mother, and how she can only do what she wants to do.

She also has to learn how to survive the winter in the new world that is Elsa’s home.

And she learns to deal with the new and frightening threats she faces.

The first part of the movie is about Anna, who is in a coma, and her relationship with her father, King Olaf.

The two are living in the frozen kingdom of Arellia, and Elsa and Anna’s relationship grows more complicated as they grow closer.

It is not long before Elsa realizes that Anna is really a snow prince, one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

Elsa also learns that Anna has an affinity for ice, and she decides to take advantage of that.

In the third act of the tale, Anna wakes up from her coma and heads off to visit her family in Arendell.

There she is greeted by her brother, Prince Eric, and his sister, Olaf, and they go to see the kingdom’s queen, Olgierd, who has been captured by the White Walkers.

Elsa and her sister are soon captured by King Eric’s army and taken to the White Queen’s castle.

There they find Olgie and the Snow Queen, who have been imprisoned in the castle and must fight for their freedom.

Anna finds herself at the mercy of the White Witch, and is forced to watch as Olgiers forces try to take her away.

Elsa is forced into a duel with Olgies sister, who she quickly defeats, only to be captured by Olgiestra.

Elsa soon realizes that she is not alone in the Frozen kingdom.

She has been adopted by Olga, a young girl who has spent her life fighting to free the kingdom.

But Elsa is determined to keep fighting for her people, even as she and Olga are captured.

The end of Frozen begins with Anna waking up and her father telling her about her journey and the princess.

When the film ends, Anna returns to her family, which is now being led by Olas mother, Queen Elsa.

Anna is shocked to find that her sister has returned, only for Olgiel to tell her that the queen has been taken to a new world where there are more dangers than ever before.

Elsa and Anna are the only ones who can stop the White Wards, and Anna and Olgiedra have to work together to find a way to defeat the White Ward, while Elsa must learn how she is capable of surviving without her sister.


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