What do you need to know about the upcoming film of Lucy Fairy Tale?

Polygon asked readers for their favorite Pixar and Disney stories, and while many of them had some minor Pixar and Marvel influences, the vast majority of our readers were fans of the Disney classics, including Fantasia and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The results were surprising, and they included tales about all kinds of Pixar films.

In fact, we have found that many of our favorite Pixar movies are also Disney classics!

We’ve also got the best Pixar films of all time.

So take a look at the Pixar classics that are worth checking out and decide which ones you want to celebrate this coming fall.


Toy Story and Monsters Inc. 1: The Pixar Story Pixar story isn’t just a Pixar film, it’s an entire genre of movies, and many of the best ones have been made in the Pixar Animation Studios.

Pixar’s most iconic feature is the Pixar Movie Theme, which has been around since 1982, and has been used in everything from Toy Story to Cars to Finding Nemo.

Pixar also has an entire filmography of classic animated films, which you can check out here.


Monsters Inc: Return of the King This sequel to the original Monsters Inc has gone through many iterations, including two sequels and an adaptation in 2018.

The original film starred the original lead characters as a young boy and a young girl, and it was also directed by John Lasseter and based on a children’s book by the same name.

The sequel is set in 2019 and features the original film’s lead characters and is set several years after the first film.


Cars and Inside Out This is Pixar’s second and most successful feature, and this one is especially notable for its use of the classic Cars theme.

The Cars theme is used in Inside Out, which also stars Pixar stars, including Emily Blunt, who also voiced a character named “Bart.”


Finding Nemoo and Up The movie’s original theme was “Frozen,” which is why Finding Nemos was so popular when it first came out.

Pixar adapted the song for a Pixar movie called The Incredibles, which was released in 2003.


Monsters University This is a Pixar story that had no Pixar-related plot or character development.

The story centers around an anthropomorphic frog named Nemo who, after he is bullied by other frogs, goes on an adventure in order to find a way to help his friends.


Inside Out 2: Monsters Inc.: Return of The King The sequel to Inside Out takes place after the events of the first movie, and the story involves Nemo and the other frogs that have been bullied by the bullies.


Cars 2: The Movie: Cars 3: The Road to the Zoo Pixar is known for making animated movies with a Pixar theme.

Cars 3 has a Pixar logo on the back, and Cars 2 had a Pixar-themed logo on one side.

Pixar has also made a film with a Disney logo, The Incrobus, which premiered in 2009.


Monsters: The Lost Village This is the story of a little girl named Lily and her adventures with a boy named Louie.

The Lost Villages was a Pixar classic and features a voice-over by Amy Poehler.


Monsters Unleashed The movie adaptation of Monsters Unleashed takes place in 2019, and features several new characters.


Monsters vs. Aliens: The Alien Wars This film was released for the first time in 2019 to great acclaim, and featured the return of the iconic Alien and its signature weapon, the Killa Cannon.

The movie also featured an Alien-themed theme, and was directed by James Gunn.


Finding Dory This animated film tells the story that is so iconic it’s a Pixar Pixar classic.

Finding Dinosaur was released to critical acclaim in 2016, and is also Pixar’s first film with an Alien character in the lead role.


Monsters, Inc.: The Lost World This film, which starred Jessie James, starred a young Alice in a scene that was shot in a park called “The Lost World.”

It was the first Pixar film to be released on home video.


Inside The Incubator A classic that is often compared to Toy Story, Inside The Induction features a lot of Pixar’s classics.

The film also features a new voiceover by Jessie Jones, who plays Alice’s mother.


Toy Stories The story of the original Toy Story is a classic in the film world.

The Pixar team made a number of sequels to the film, including Toy Story 3, which featured new characters, and Toy Story 4, which had a new story that was also set in the same park.


Finding Vivaldi: The Song of Vivaldi This is one of the most beloved Pixar movies, especially for its music, which is used throughout the film.

Vivaldi is a Disney classic, which we mentioned in the opening.


Up The story is a sequel to The Incrowded House, which features a young Vivaldi and her friends


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