How to make a “fairy tale killer”

When I was in elementary school, my friend who was a student in my class was asked to help out with a “fake” story, which involved a young girl who would pretend to be a monster and kill everyone in her way.

I loved the idea of having a fictional girl in the story, but I was terrified that it would be “frightening” and make her feel like a monster.

So I decided to try to make my own “fantasy killer” by drawing my own version of this story, using my imagination.

I drew this story using a simple pencil, and it turned out pretty good.

When I finally completed it, I immediately knew it was a fake, and my friend was so upset about it that she even sent me a photo of the finished product and asked me to send it back.

The lesson here is to draw as many stories as possible, and to keep them all as simple as possible.

Here’s how to make one yourself.


Create a blank page.

I used a blank paper, and used it as my template.

I then created a scene using the story as a backdrop.

I made it a bit more abstract and twisted, using the words “evil, evil girl, evil monster” as the setting.

I wrote out the story using two words each, “a boy” and “a girl.”

This way, I could write out the characters’ names, and make sure that they all had the same first name.

I also drew the words on the page as well, making sure to line them up perfectly.

This way I could keep the story simple and keep the words clean.


Draw a monster using a brush.

I like to use the brush to draw small outlines and small details, but if I can’t draw something, I draw a small shape on the paper and start over.

This is what I did with my fairy tale “killer” story: I drew out a small monster that I had to draw with a brush on paper.

Then I drew it using a pen and paper.

The shape of the monster was the only thing that mattered.

Then, I wrote down what it looked like.

When it was finished, I drew a little outline of the outline.

I did this until I got it to the right size and size it would look good on the pages.


Write out the monster’s name and its backstory.

I always try to write down the monsters backstory, which includes all of its characteristics, which I always use as a starting point when I begin a new story.

This lets me focus on the characters instead of on the monsters.

When my story was finished and I could get it down to the word “monster,” I then wrote out a list of the monsters that were in it and how they fit into the story.

The rest is up to you.

This process is a great way to keep your story as simple and clean as possible without having to think about any of the details.


Make the monster look like a real monster.

The next step was to add some details to the monster so it would resemble a real-life monster.

I think I made the monster more like a person, using some facial expressions and facial hair.

I didn’t use any makeup, because I was scared of making it look like I was trying to make it look real.

Once I got the story down to a few words, I then used my pencil to write out some words.

I went over the words, adding the characters to make sure they were all the same, and then added some shapes to make the monster appear to be alive.

Then all I had was a few lines of text that said “the monster is dead.”

I was so excited to have finished the story and that it was ready to go.

It was just a matter of writing the words out on paper, drawing the monster, and having it ready to be typed.


Make it look good using an ink pen.

I use an inkpen to make things look good with my drawings, but you can use anything else you can find.

I usually use a fountain pen, but any good fountain pen can do the job.

I normally use a black and white pen, and sometimes I use the green ink pen that I got from my mom.

If you don’t have any ink, you can always use a pencil to make your own.

Just remember to use an even number of strokes to make something look good.


Make sure the story is “good” and you can make it stand out.

When you’re done, it should be “good enough.”

I used to write stories with a beginning and an end and a resolution.

I felt like this was the “goodest” way to write a story, and I didn


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