What’s next for the Champions League?

Fears over the viability of the Champions Cup have been mounting, with the competition’s governing body in Brussels reportedly considering scrapping it entirely.

The announcement comes as FIFA president Gianni Infantino, whose tenure in the job began in March 2018, met with officials from the Bundesliga to discuss the competition.

“The Champions League is one of the most popular sports in Europe and it is very important that the competition is not abandoned,” Infantinos statement read.

“It has been a success in Europe, it is an important sporting event for European clubs and it has been shown that it is possible to attract the best players to the tournament.”

In the end we have to keep the competition and we must do it without harming the footballing spirit of Europe.

“According to FIFA’s website, the Champions league was established in 2002 to promote the development of European football, with more than 130,000 members across Europe.

The top two teams from each of the 28 countries are guaranteed a place in the knockout rounds of the competition, with teams from the bottom two placed in the group stage and vice-versa.

The Champions league is expected to be in operation until 2022.

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