How to tell a fairy tale story

The French are renowned for their fascination with fairy tales and are known for having one of the highest literacy rates in Europe.

This article takes a look at some of the most famous fairy tale stories from the world and offers some advice on how to tell them.


A fairy tale is a tale told to children by an older child and a younger child who are both older than the other.

The older child, usually the father, is the main character and is usually an older man.


The fairy tale tells of a boy or a girl who lives in a castle, but not a house.

It often takes place in the mountains or on the shore of a lake.


The child who has a fairy is often a girl.

The story can take place in a forest, a village, a castle or a forest.


In fairy tales there is usually a person who is a hero or a villain.

This could be the hero, the bad guy or the good guy.


The hero or bad guy may be called the fairy, the princess, the prince, the hero or the bad girl.


Sometimes the story involves a good and a bad person, and the good person is called the good one.


In the fairy tale there is a person called the princess who is called a fairy or the evil one.


In a fairy story, the good and bad person are called the prince and the bad person is the devil.


In this fairy tale, there is the prince who has his hair cut and his beard and who wears a crown.


In another fairy tale a boy named Puck and his sister named Eliza are traveling in a fairy world.

When they get lost in the jungle, they are kidnapped by the evil sorcerer, the sorcerer’s apprentice, the evil magician, the wise sorcerer, and his evil apprentice, who also happens to be the wizard.


The prince and his brother are separated from their mother, the fairy-loving princess, and they find a lost fairy named the Princess in the forest.

She gives them the names of her sisters, and their parents are killed.

The brothers go to search for the princess and rescue her.


The two brothers discover that they have the same magical powers.

The Princess has been tricked by the sorcerer into sending them to a tower where the evil wizard has been plotting to kill the prince.


The evil sorcerer sends the boys and their mother to retrieve the princess from the tower, where she is hiding, and where they find the wizard and the evil sorceress.


The wizard and evil sorceresses attack the boys, and while they are trying to save their mother they are betrayed by the boy and his mother, who are saved by the princess.


When the boys are about to be killed by the sorceress, they find that their mother is also being held captive in the tower.

They learn that their father was also a sorcerer, who tricked them into joining him in a plan to kill his father.


The boys are saved when they help the sorcerers escape, and in the process, the boys learn that they are really the daughters of the evil Sorcerer, who killed his father and who have been trying to kill their mother for years.

They also learn that the sorceresses were once brothers, and that they and their father were once sisters.


The boy’s mother is able to get back to her family and tells them that her husband was a sorcerer and that her daughter has a magical ability.

She also tells them the truth about the evil sorcery, which is that it is a way of controlling other people, such as children, and it can make them do evil things.


The sorcerers are all dead, and now they are forced to live as human beings.

They become friends with a boy, Puck, who they have never met before.


The girls also have magical abilities, but they also have to keep it a secret.

They live as normal girls.


In order to survive as a human being, the girls learn to talk to people, which they do by singing and dancing.


When Puck is kidnapped by an evil sorcerers apprentice, he learns that his mother has been a sorceress and that he is a son of the sorcerer.

He finds that he can’t protect his mother or the other girls.


Puck meets a girl named Tinta who is also a sorceresses apprentice.

She helps him to keep his mother safe, but she has other responsibilities and needs to get some work done.


When Tint, Tint’s mother, is kidnapped, she helps to get the job done by finding out the real reason for the kidnapping and then finding out who is behind it.

Tint is rescued by the boys.


When a sorcerers evil apprentice arrives in a tower and kills the boys he, along with the other


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