I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can be the next president of the United States

It’s not often that I have to make an effort to be more presidential than the last president, but this year is a case in point.

I’m not sure how I’ve managed to stay on the same page on the issue of the presidency since Trump became president, and I think that’s largely because of the way I’ve been spending my time in office.

This is what I was asked to do by the American people in 2020: take a hard look at whether I was living up to my obligations as president, if I was doing the job of commander in chief as effectively as possible.

I have a different set of values and priorities than my predecessor, and that’s why I believe I’ve done a good job.

But I’m also not certain whether I’m living up my own standards.

If I’m going to run again in 2020, I’m still a candidate for president.

I don`t think I will.

I think it`s time for someone else to take the reins.

I can tell you that if I don´t run, I will not be the president of my party.

That will be the end of my time as president.

It’s been an incredibly tough year, and while I understand why some people might want to focus on Trump and his missteps, I want to be clear that I don�t believe that any of the problems in our country have been caused by the president.

Instead, it`ll be the other way around.

This president has not served our country well and I have not served the country well.

I will be a good president, as long as I am a good leader, but there is a limit to how far we can go.

I was a different kind of president, more focused on domestic issues and on issues that mattered to me.

That changed when I had to take on the challenge of running for president, when we were facing a real crisis in our economy and when the country was in turmoil.

I saw a crisis in the country and I knew it was going to be a long time before things would be back to normal.

We needed to do something quick and decisive.

We need to get back to business as usual and get things done.

It wasn`t always easy being president, I know, but that has been the job I have always loved to do.

I had my moments of frustration and frustration, but those moments were short-lived, and the job that I love to do is the one that I will do.

There is a certain amount of humility about what I did.

I know that my time was limited and I did not have the full support of my staff.

There was a lot of pressure on me to deliver, and sometimes you have to be careful not to let it affect the job.

I would love to be able to continue my leadership role and be able provide the leadership that people have come to expect.

We had a lot to do and a lot that needed to be done, but in the end, the American public has voted to send a strong message to the world and the world has sent a strong signal to our president that he should be held to account.

There are some things that we need to do to get our economy moving again, and they will require new approaches to policies and to the use of resources.

But the American economy has gotten a lot better since I left office, and we need the president to do the same.

So my commitment to the American taxpayer will never change.

The American people deserve to know that the president is in charge, and it is up to him to take those decisions on behalf of the American nation and his own constituents.

So we have to get things right.

The president needs to be the best leader he can be and to put our country back on track.

It is important that we get this economy moving.

I am confident that I can deliver the kind of leadership that will make our economy work again.

I`m hopeful that in the next four years, we can put the issues that matter most to American families and businesses back on the agenda, as well as address the real problems that we face in our nation.

So I am looking forward to taking the next steps to bring the American dream back to the White House.

Let me be clear: We have an economic problem.

We`re facing one of the biggest economic crises in our lifetimes, and to fix it, we have got to get the economy moving and getting the economy working again.

So, we need new leadership and new approaches.

But that is not the job or the responsibility of the president alone.

The job of the chief executive is to be president and deliver for the American taxpayers, to do everything in his power to help us succeed.

I hope that the American voter will join me in that commitment, and, if you will,


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