How to Tell Fairy Tales from History

A Swedish fairy tale is about to become a reality as a new book is published. 

Swedish author Mirajane Jansson will publish A Dream of the Sea (2016) as a collection of fairy tales based on the stories in her Fairy Tales of Sweden collection of stories. 

The book has been adapted by American author Rebecca Mead, who wrote My Fairy Tale: A True Tale of Swedish Folklore.

The story is about a woman who travels through time to save her family.

She is called on by the sea, where the ice is melting, to return to her own time, to rescue her sister and bring her back to her home.

Mirajana Jansson’s fairy tale A Dream of the Sea is about the story of Mirajne, the daughter of the sea god Freyja. 

In the book, Mirajanes journey from the past to the present is told through her own voice, using fairy tales to tell the story. 

Mirajane Jannon will be the author of  A Dream  (2016) and the  My Fairy Tale  collection. 

 She is a pioneer in the genre of folktale, a new wave of stories about the lives and times of people living in the past, present and future. 

She has published more than 20 stories, a collection of stories that are set in various periods in Swedish history. 

This includes stories about Kristoffer, a young boy who is taken from his home by his father to live with his mother, and a story about Olaf, a woman with a heart of gold who is rescued by her father from a wolf, in the middle of the night. 

There are many more stories set in Sweden and the world at large. 

Her stories include Folklore in the 19th Century , A Little Bit of Fairy Tale , A Tale of Fey and many others. 

According to The Wall Street Review, Miras story of a woman who travels through time to save her family is a fairy tale from the 20th century. 

‘It is amazing that Mirajan has made this story a reality.

It is so moving that people can experience her story in their own voice,’ Mead said in a statement. 

“A Dream is a beautiful, original work that captures the essence of a fairy tale. 

It is truly a great read.

I hope Mirajani will be making more fairy tales and making her stories accessible to a wider audience, not only children, but to all people, so that they may get a deeper understanding of this amazing period of Swedish history,” Mead added. Read more 


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