How to make fairy tale dolls without dolls

Fairy tale dolls are not a common sight these days.

They are only available to a select few in China and other parts of the world, and most are handmade by skilled artisans, often using only traditional materials.

However, the dolls do feature a unique look that is still appealing to children and is also not something many people would be able to afford to purchase.

How to create your own fairy tale doll article Here are some fairy tale idea that can be made by you yourself using the right materials, without buying expensive doll accessories.

If you don’t have a budget to spend on accessories or are looking for a cheaper option, we have a few more ideas to help you make your own.


Fairy tale doll in bamboo print for dolls and other items 2.

Fairy Tale doll in ivory print for kids 3.

Fairy doll in black print for adults 4.

Fairy Doll in red print for pets and kids 5.

Fairy dolls in blue print for children and adults 6.

Fairytale doll in gold print for crafts or children 7.

Fairy maid doll in red and gold print 8.

Fairy Maid doll in yellow and black print 9.

Fairy princess doll in blue and black printing 10.

Fairy dragon doll in white and gold printing and children 11.

Fairy girl doll in purple print for girls and adults 12.

Fairy fairy doll in silver print for teens and adults 13.

Fairy fairies for kids and adults 14.

Fairy Fairy Dolls for kids, adults and pets 15.

Fairy dress for kids in red, white, and gold 16.

Fairy hat for kids 17.

Fairy flower for kids 18.

Fairy and fairy-like dolls 19.

Fairy hair ornament for kids 20.

Fairy pet doll for kids 21.

Fairy ball for kids 22.

Fairy lamp for kids 23.

Fairy clock for kids 24.

Fairy candle for kids 25.

Fairy book for kids 26.

Fairy tea kettle for kids 27.

Fairy snowman for kids 28.

Fairy fire for kids 29.

Fairy door for kids 30.

Fairy curtain for kids 31.

Fairy lantern for kids 32.

Fairy tree for kids 33.

Fairy umbrella for kids 34.

Fairy cake for kids 35.

Fairy fruit for kids 36.

Fairy ice cream for kids 37.

Fairy banana for kids 38.

Fairy apple for kids 39.

Fairy pomegranate for kids 40.

Fairy pumpkin for kids 41.

Fairy strawberry for kids 42.

Fairy pear for kids 43.

Fairy plum for kids 44.

Fairy lemon for kids 45.

Fairy orange for kids 46.

Fairy peach for kids 47.

Fairy blueberry for kids 48.

Fairy pecan for kids 49.

Fairy coconut for kids 50.

Fairy raspberry for kids 51.

Fairy cherry for kids 52.

Fairy white chocolate for kids 53.

Fairy brown chocolate for children 54.

Fairy yellow chocolate for boys 55.

Fairy cream for boys and girls 56.

Fairy marshmallow for boys 57.

Fairy chocolate for girls 58.

Fairy black chocolate for women 59.

Fairy red chocolate for men 60.

Fairy green chocolate for guys 61.

Fairy tan chocolate for both men and women 62.

Fairy teal chocolate for young boys and men 63.

Fairy pink chocolate for adults 64.

Fairy purple chocolate for older men 65.

Fairy light blue chocolate for teenagers 66.

Fairy silver chocolate for teens 67.

Fairy copper chocolate for younger men 68.

Fairy gold chocolate for adult women 69.

Fairy turquoise for girls 70.

Fairy rose gold for women 71.

Fairy lime for women 72.

Fairy aqua for girls 73.

Fairy jade for men 74.

Fairy indigo for women 75.

Fairy dark blue for men 76.

Fairy violet for women 77.

Fairy mauve for women 78.

Fairy lilac for women 79.

Fairy coral for men 80.

Fairy emerald for men 81.

Fairy beige for women 82.

Fairy ruby for men 83.

Fairy deep blue for women 84.

Fairy taupe for women 85.

Fairy burgundy for women 86.

Fairy bronze for women 87.

Fairy purplish for women 88.

Fairy maroon for women 89.

Fairy ochre for women 90.

Fairy charcoal for women 91.

Fairy magenta for women 92.

Fairy cobalt for women 93.

Fairy iron for women 94.

Fairy diamond for women 95.

Fairy garnet for women 96.

Fairy platinum for women 97.

Fairy sapphire for women 98.

Fairy amber for women 99.

Fairy lavender for women 100.

Fairy fuchsia for women 101.

Fairy chrysoberyl for women 102.

Fairy rhodium for women 103.

Fairy amethyst for women 104.

Fairy opal for women 105.

Fairy quartz for women 106.

Fairy obsidian for women 107.

Fairy topaz for women 108.

Fairy tourmaline for women 109.

Fairy zirconium for men 110.

Fairy sardonyx for women 111.

Fairy carbuncle for men 112.

Fairy lauroyl for men 113.

Fairy palladium for men 114.

Fairy sphene for men 115.

Fairy selenite for men 116


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