Trump tells ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he was told by George Stephanopoulous to call for the impeachment of James Comey

President Donald Trump has told ABC News he was advised by former FBI Director James Comey to call on James Comey for an investigation into possible ties between Trump associates and Russian officials.

Trump’s comments to Stephanopoulos came just a day after the president called on Comey to resign amid the Russia investigation, the first time the president has directly called for Comey’s dismissal.

Trump told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he had told Comey to do it.

“He was asked to do that,” Trump said.

“I told him to do whatever he thought was appropriate, and that is what I did.”

“He wasn’t the first one who said it,” Trump added.

“And he was very, very nice to me.

And I thought, I’ve been treated unfairly by the press.”

Trump also called on former President Barack Obama to resign, though he didn’t directly refer to Obama by name.

“It’s important that we get this guy out, and it’s important for him to get out,” Trump told “Good Evening America.”

Trump did not directly address whether he would have preferred to fire Comey, but said that Comey had made an “extremely careless mistake” by leaking a memo to the press about his conversations with the president.

The president told Stephanopoulos on Tuesday that he has not seen the memo.

“The fact is, I have not seen it.

He was very kind to me and very nice,” Trump stated.

“But I have said many, many times, that I would like to see it, and I will see it if he wants to see me see it.”

“And if he doesn’t, I’ll see what happens.”

The president did not rule out calling for the president to be impeached over the leaks of the memo, though Trump said he was “not considering that.”

He also said he had no interest in impeaching the president over the memos.

“If you’re going to impeach, you better get the facts.

You better get them out,” he said.


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