How to make French fairy tales as easy to read as any other

French fairy tale author Anne M. Batey (The Witchfinder’s Guide to Fairy Tales, The Witchfinder) has long been a fan of French fairy Tales, and she is currently working on her second book in the series, The French Fairy Tales.

In this post, we’ll walk through her journey from reading fairy tales to writing them. 


The First Story in French Fairy Tracts Anne M Bateie started her career as a child and became fascinated with fairy tales at an early age.

As a child, she liked to play with her dolls, so she picked up a series of fairy tales from various French children’s books. 


Anne M’s First French Fairy Tale The first French fairy story that Anne read was the fairy tale The Little House on the Prairie by Lewis Carroll.

The Little French Princess by Jean-Jacques Rousseau was also very appealing to her.

Anne was obsessed with the story, and was drawn to its magical qualities.

She was also fascinated by fairy tales written in the 16th century, particularly the tales of The Great Fairy Queen and The Little Red Riding Hood. 


Anne’s First Fairer French Fairytale When she was in her teens, Anne M learned that The Little Dutch Fairy was about a Dutch peasant girl who is married to a white man and has to find a way to escape her husband.

She eventually decides to leave her husband and move to America to become a woman.

She writes the story in the first half of the 18th century. 


Anne and the Little Dutch fairy story Anne M was drawn in by this story, which she read as a young child.

It became her first fairy tale. 


Anne learning French Fairytales The story about a young girl who escapes from her husband in The Little White Woman by Jean Baudrillard, inspired Anne to write The Little English Girl by Thomas Mann. 


Anne being inspired by The Little German Girl Anne M also started to write about the adventures of a young German girl, who has to make it as a princess in the land of the little girls. 


Anne writing The Little Fairy Girl When she reached adulthood, Anne started to work on her first book of fairy stories, The Little Polish Fairy Tales . 


Anne working on The Little Little German Fairy Tales When she was finally able to publish The Little Irish Fairy Tales , it was the first book in a series that Anne had written about the lives of the Little Irish girls.

The series has since grown into a series called The Little Black Fairy Tales that Anne has written, and it has also been published by Penguin. 


Anne, as a teen, writing The Snow White Fairy Tales While Anne was working on the Little White Women, she started writing the story about Snow White who is a beautiful white woman, and is also a fairy.

She wrote the book as a teenager and was inspired by the story. 


Anne having fun with The Little Snow White The Little Welsh Fairy Tales by J.M. Barrie was also a favorite for Anne.

She read the story as a little girl and loved the story of the Welsh fairy queen, Gwenhwyfar, who lived in a village called Mungarth.

Anne loved Gwenhwys tale and loved to make the story more beautiful. 


Anne reading The Little Welsh Fairy Tales Anne M Barrie, who is known as the ‘Little Welsh Fairy’ and also wrote the fairy tales of Little Wales, began to write a series entitled The Little Chinese Fairy Tales in the 1920s. 


Anne going back to her childhood in her second year of school When she graduated from high school, Anne decided to start her own story.

In The Little Indian Fairy Tales she wrote the story The Little African Fairy Tales (also known as The Little Spanish Fairy Tales). 


Anne teaching The Little Swedish Fairy Tales and The Swedish Fairy Tales to a class of Swedish students During her studies, Anne began to work as a teacher in a small town near the town of Lausanne in Switzerland. 


Anne sharing her story with her parents Anne’s father, John Bate, had a fascination with fairy stories.

He read The Little Folk Tales by Anne M, and the first few years of his life he was interested in fairy tales.

He also read and enjoyed Anne’s first book, The White Fairy Tale. 


Anne with her father, at the start of her work in her native Switzerland in the 1950s As an adult, Anne is still a great believer in fairy tale writing. 


Anne as a preschooler When Anne was young, she learned the story by heart and often would recite it to her classmates.

She later wrote about the story and taught her classmates a few lines of it, and also told them that the story had been inspired by her grandmother. 17. Anne


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