When Is the Final Fantasy XV Game Coming to Nintendo Switch?

When the next Final Fantasy game is announced, the answer to that question will likely come from the company that released it.

A recent tweet from Square Enix indicated the game would be released on Nintendo Switch, a platform Nintendo is also rumored to be developing for.

That’s good news for fans of Final Fantasy fans, and Square Enix seems to be taking the lead in the next title on the horizon, with a new trailer being shared today.

It looks pretty impressive, as we’ll get to see a lot more of Final Fantasys newest trailer in the near future, as Square Enix is currently promoting its newest title for the Nintendo Switch.

We’ve seen some of the most beautiful artwork of Final FANTASY XV in recent years, and the team has also been working on a new update for the game, with the next update bringing with it many new gameplay mechanics, more visual polish, and a new weapon.

Square Enix has been working closely with the game’s development team, and we expect to see Final Fantasy on the Switch soon.

The game was announced back in 2017, and while we’ve yet to see the title’s full reveal, we know it’s coming.


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