How to Play Frumpled Fairy Tales – The Musical

The next generation of musicians, who love fairy tales in their music, may be able to finally experience the wonders of fairy tales with their very own musical.

Music by the Frumplings, a new musical, premiered in Las Vegas on Friday, December 8.

It is described as “a magical, joyful and fun experience” that is part fairy tale, part musical, but with a “flawless musicality.”

The musical is a collaboration between The Frumpling Company, the Broadway musical and the Felt-inspired production company, The Frums.

“Frumpled Fairy Tale,” the first production of its kind in the United States, is a one-act, seven-minute musical that was produced by The Frummlings, whose musical The Frumpet Sisters has been nominated for several Tony Awards.

“The Frumplings and Felt are both thrilled to be able give a musical form to the story of a frumpling and the fairy tale,” said Julie Frumling, director of production for The Frummer Sisters.

“We are honored to be partnering with such a talented group of artists to bring a fresh perspective to the stories and characters in our repertoire.”

The Frumps, who also performed the song “Happy Frum” for “The Musical,” said the musical was inspired by the fairy tales they love.

“It was an easy decision to partner with the Frums to write the musical and to bring these musicals to life,” said Jason Frumming, who wrote the musical with his wife and the band.

“Music and story are two very important elements of any story, and this musical is both a musical and a story, both of which are part of our world.

The Frumblings and Festers are excited to continue working with The FrUMPLINGS to bring this story to life, and we look forward to playing this exciting and magical musical in theaters nationwide in the fall.”

In addition to musicals and fairy tales being part of the world of Frumples, The Felt also is known for their musical, The Wedding Singer.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with them again on a musical,” said Kristen Kish, who co-wrote the musical, and performed the part of Mrs. Felt in the Broadway show.

“My husband and I are excited that The Framps are working with us again.

I feel like it’s a perfect fit.”

The Broadway musical is now available to purchase and can be heard in theaters throughout the country on Friday nights.

For more information on the Frummplings, visit their website, or visit their Facebook page.


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