The world’s most expensive house: $1.4 million home built in a sea of fake sand and water

The world has a lot of water.

And while some people have built houses on it, most people don’t want to, or can’t afford to.

But if you’ve got an interest in architecture, you might want to consider a home built on fake sand, and the price.

It’s the most expensive home in Australia, according to a new report.

The property was built by an Australian couple, who claim it is the most valuable building in the world.

The couple, a real estate agent, built the house, dubbed The Landlord and his Wife, on a parcel of land in a Sydney suburb.

“This is the biggest piece of real estate we’ve ever built,” said John McArthur, who owns The Landlords, the Australian Property Group.

The Landlords’ property has been described by the Real Estate Institute of NSW as one of the “most luxurious and sought after properties in the country”.

But it’s actually quite simple to build.

A large, concrete slab of sand sits in front of the property, which is also built of sand.

The slab is about 30 centimetres thick, and weighs about 250 kilograms.

The house sits atop the slab, but has no windows.

It looks as if it was built to look like a beachfront house.

And it is.

“We’ve actually put a little bit of our own house up there,” McArthur said.

“The sand, of course, is the big challenge.

We did a bit of landscaping to give it the illusion of the beachfront.”

McArthur and his wife have built a house on the land for more than 40 years.

He said the house was built with the assistance of a professional contractor, who was paid $2,000 per hour.

The whole project took about 20 hours.

McArthur is building a second home on the same property.

“If you build it right, it’s a pretty spectacular building,” he said.

McArthur said he and his partner were lucky that the real estate market has been booming in recent years.

“People are buying houses on these properties,” he explained.

“They’re not building them because they don’t have the cash.

They’re building them out of desperation.”

Aussie real estate industry boomingThe real estate sector in Australia has been the hot spot for the construction boom, with a record number of houses and apartments sold last year.

McDonalds, Harvey Norman, Landlord & Wife and the National Building and Construction Trades Union also signed contracts worth $3.5 billion for the building of homes and apartments in Australia last year, according the Real Property Institute of New South Wales.

The number of new homes being built in Australia each year has grown from just two years ago, to six this year, and it is expected to surpass the record high of 18,500 homes built in 2007.

And that’s not all.

McAllister said the demand for apartments and houses has been rising in recent months, with the average apartment building price increasing by almost $10,000 in the first quarter of 2018.

“There’s an oversupply of apartments in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth,” McAllister explained.

“We’ve seen prices go up because people are waiting for more homes to come on stream.”

McAllisters property is in a suburb of Sydney, which makes it easier for the owner to get the project approved, he said, adding it is a “great example of a building with an Australian owner.”

McALLISTS real estate business has been around for 25 years, and he said he is “very pleased with the way it has been managed”.

“It’s very easy to build,” McALLISERS co-owner Tim McAllisters said.

“It’s an efficient process.”

McAuliffe’s real estate broker, John McAllis, said the building process is extremely efficient, with no major complications.

“It doesn’t need any special approval from the builder, no permit,” McAuliffe said.

But construction is not all smooth sailing.

McA McAuliffe’s realtor, John Gee, said that there was a delay between the time the house and the contractor signed the contracts and the time they were finally delivered.

“When you get something like that, we get to see what the delays are like, but the delays in terms of the delivery are usually a bit shorter than what we normally see,” he added.

McAnally’s real agent, John McNally, said there was “a real possibility” that delays could be related to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ decision not to release statistics on building rates.

“What we do get is a bit more information,” he agreed.

McLaren’s real-estate broker, Scott McLaren, said some of the houses built with contractors were not approved for public housing.

McGill’s realty broker, Jim Gilligan, said a lot was riding on approvals.

“Our rate of approvals is


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