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When a Japanese Fairy Tale Generator Won’t Fix Your Fears

The author of a Japanese fairy tale generator that will automatically recognize fairy tales has quit his job, saying that it was not being used to create the new generation of Japanese animated fairy tales.Dr. Hirokazu Sekine, an associate professor of Japanese at the University of Tokyo, said he is leaving the company, which is […]

Why Czech fairy tales are so much better than English translations

By CECILI GUTIERREZ-LOPEZ and LISA CASSONERUSBERG/AFP via Getty ImagesWhen the word fairy tale is translated into Czech, it’s usually the same thing as when the author wrote it.That’s because the Czech language has a rich literary tradition, including dozens of fairy tales that were created by writers who never achieved fame.In fact, the last Czech […]

What’s next for Japanese anime with new title?

Inuyasha will make its Japanese premiere in Japan on April 11, and it will be followed by two spinoffs later this year, the official website for the animated series announced on Monday.Inuyasha was a 2012 hit, and the film inspired a series of anime films.The two-part series will follow a young girl named Kanako Asano […]

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