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Why are some Chinese fairy tales so great?

In many Chinese fairy stories, heroes, baddies and evil are all around you, making the plot feel much more grounded and believable than a Western plot.However, the Chinese fairy tale isn’t the only genre where we can find some parallels to Western movies.Chinese literature, film and music have a long history of exploring the idea […]

Disney’s “Frozen” movie, starring Meryl Streep, will be a hit

The Walt Disney Co. has confirmed the news of the film’s imminent release, which is expected to be in theaters on Christmas Day.The studio previously teased that the upcoming movie would be a “classic fairy tale” with a focus on love and heartbreak.“Frozen Fever” stars Meryl Stoltenberg, Idina Menzel, Anna Kendrick, Kristin Chenoweth, Idris Elba, […]

Happy Fairy Tale Wars: The Fierce Fairytale Warriors

Swedish fairy tale warriors are ready to fight for their homeland and their children.In this new book, author Jens Ã…kerlund tells his tale of the battle for the heart of the land, the battle against the darkness of the darkness, the fight to reclaim the land from the evil fairy tales and to free it […]

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