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When you can’t stop thinking about teremoks and teremiños, you can start writing about them

The concept of an illustrated fairy tale was born in the 1980s with the work of illustrator Teremoko (1912-2011).She and her colleagues made a lot of wonderful illustrations for children’s books, including The Little Prince by Dorothy Parker (1939) and The Three Little Pigs by Walt Disney (1954). Teremko’s illustrations were inspired by fairy tales and […]

How to read the ending of ‘Frozen’ to find out what happened in the film

The final act of Frozen is a very complicated and emotionally fraught one.While it is the end of the story, the first scene of the film does not have a climax and does not end with the happy ending that the film’s creators hoped for.Instead, the film goes on to tell the story of a […]

Why Russia’s fairy tale is ‘a perfect fit’ for Donald Trump

By ALEX GALIKOV/Associated PressThe Trump administration is considering a new Russian fairy tale as the centerpiece of its foreign policy agenda, according to a senior administration official.The administration is weighing the idea for a new book about fairy tales, which would be written by a former aide to President Vladimir Putin, and published in the […]

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